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Black Henna Warning

Black Henna = PPD: Para-phenylenediamine


Henna is NOT black!

Henna is always GREEN as a powder.

Henna becomes different shades of orange/red/brown/maroon when the paste is washed off and never BLACK!


If the paste is black then it contains artificial black dye and is not natural henna powder.


This dye is added to henna powders and henna pastes (cones) but the company does not always inform you...


This black dye is called PPD or Para-phenylenediamine.


Be warned...this black dye can cause a rash, irritation, scarring and inflammation among other very unpleasant side effects. Long term exposure to PPD can lead to levels building up in the body which have been linked to asthma and even cancer.

It is banned for use on the skin. The FDA has an import alert on paste containing PPD intended for skin use.

It was banned in some countries in the EU but then it was allowed up to 6% in hair dyes.

The darker the hair dye, the more PPD is used. It is an occupational hazard for hair dressers.


This PPD black dye is used in an array of manufacturing processes from printer inks to photographic products. It is used in two thirds of all chemical hair dyes.


Some companies do not specify any additional ingredients and others include it in their ingredients. However, there are some companies that include it in their ingredients list and still claim that their henna is ‘all natural’!!


For example,




Some other brands in market do not sell pure henna, but a mixture of various chemicals. These may be harmful to use and must be avoided.

...******Laboratories has formulated Black Henna based on research and experiments. henna has been prepared form natural herbs which give natural black colour, shining and strength to the hair.

There are so many colourants for colour dying in market but ..****.Black Henna consists of natural herbs which are harmless but these are natural hair conditioners and antidandruf.

*****Black Henna consists of Henna powder, Amala, Reetha, Shikakai,
Paraphenylene, Diamineand and Vitamin C.”

(Natural plus PPD? No!! )


Compound Henna
Compound Henna is natural henna mixed with chemical ingredients such as metallic salts or PPD.
Companies that claim natural henna comes in a range of different colours are deceiving the public! They will have added certain chemicals to the natural henna to achieve their range of colours.

Natural henna only turns red, orange, burgundy, reddy brown. (If other natural herbs like katam, amla, indigo, cassia are added it can result in darker colours such as brown and black).


When ‘compound henna’ (NOT 100% natural henna) has been used on the hair and it is followed by a chemical hair dye, the chemicals react with each other!
Completely natural henna without any additions is perfectly safe to use and then follow with a chemical hair dye (although who would want to after tasting the natural benefits of henna??)


Natural Henna not only colours your hair, it is also good for it. It cleanses, conditions and leaves your hair soft and shiny. Contrary to chemical dyes which colour hair by damaging it on a long term basis.

One company warns on its hair dye box something to the effect that if you have previously had a tattoo (compound henna pattern), the reaction to their dye may be severe....