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Eco Policy

Natural Henna Beauty firmly believes in the use of products that do not harm people or the environment. That is why we have carefully selected products for you that provide alternatives to synthetic modern products that may cause harm to people or the environment we live in.


Our product range consists of naturally occurring plants and clays that are pure and effective.


They do not harm skin, hair or nails and have no unwanted side effects. When they are washed out down the drain, they pose no pollution risk to water bodies or animals.


Our henna is literally ‘green’ in colour and environmentally green too. It is kind to people, animals, rivers and fish.


Our products do not contain any harmful additions such as PPD dye which has been shown to cause harm to humans if used on the skin (click here to read more about PPD)


Using pure henna is completely safe and harmless unlike some synthetic products.


The henna plant requires very little water to grow which helps save on the world’s precious water reserves. It also means that henna farmers can secure their crop in times of drought.


Henna is also very resistant to insects which means no pesticides are needed to protect it.


Moroccan lava clay from the Atlas Mountains is a naturally occurring clay which has numerous benefits. It is pure and contains no additives.


Natural Henna Beauty endeavours to reduce unnecessary use of paper and electricity in our office.


To learn more about how you can help the planet we live in click here.


Our Products are:


  • PPD free
  • Chemical Free
  • 100% Natural Plant Dyes
  • No Animal Testing
  • Environmentally friendly (green leaves and green too!)