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Henna Recipes

There are many variations that are used to make a henna paste. Different people suit or prefer different recipes. Experiment, have fun and choose the best recipe for you!

The basic ingredients for a good henna paste are:

  • Henna powder
  • Lemon juice
  • Water

Anything else is an extra which can vary the shade/colour/consistency/scent of the paste.

Ingredients fall into 5 basic categories:
  1. Acidic (1-4 lemons, 1g citric acid + 20ml water + 10g henna)
  2. Sweet (1 tsp sugar per 100g) (for skin henna only not needed for hair)
  3. Terps (4 drops per 50g of henna powder) (for skin henna only not needed for hair)
  4. Aromatic (according to personal preference)
  5. Herbs (2-4 tea bags, 1 tbsp cloves)

Some examples of what people use in their henna recipes is found in the table below:

Henna Paste Suggested Ingredients:
  Something Acidic(helps dye release) Something sweet (helps texture for drawing on skin) Something terpy(helps darken colour) Something aromatic (makes it smell nice(r)!) Something extra (varies colour/shade result)
1 Lemon Sugar Lavender oil Ginger Hibiscus flowers (red)
2 Vinegar dextrose Tea tree oil   Chamomile
3 Tamarind Honey Cajeput oil   Pomegranate (red)
4 Orange juice Fructose     Sage (darker)
5 Citric acid powder Dextrose     Rosemary (darker)
6   Sucrose     Tea leaves (reddy brown)
7         Indigo (brown/black)
8         Katam (brown)
          Cloves (darker)

How much henna powder to use?
Short hair100g
Shoulder length200g
Long hair300g

  1. Henna powder (200g)
  2. Lemon (1 or 2)
  3. Cloves (1 tbsp)
  4. Tea bags (4)
  5. Hibiscus (2 tea bags or 2tbsp)
  6. Sage (2 tbsp)
  7. Pomegranate peel (1-2 pieces)Water (2 glasses)
  8. the strained and sieved ingredients – to be thrown away
  9. the herbal liquid tea brewed from the ingredients
  10. sugar
  11. terps

  1. Sieve the henna powder if it contains sticks and stalks.
  2. Put the water and all the other ingredients (except the lemon) into a pot. Bring to the boil, then let it simmer for 20 minutes to half an hour. Allow to cool. When cool, strain the mixture and pour the herbal liquid tea into a glass.
  3. Mix the henna powder with the juice of the lemons.
  4. Add the herbal liquid tea slowly to the henna until it forms a thick paste.
  5. Leave overnight or for a few hours.
  6. Leave overnight or for a few hours.
  7. Add some more lemon juice or water to make the henna paste a thinner consistency to resemble yoghurt.
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