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Hibiscus flowers (karkaday)

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Hibiscus; Karkaday (Egypt); jaswand (India); sorrel (Caribbean); roselle.
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hibiscus karkaday petals

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Dark red flower petals. There are hundreds of different species with varying colours of flowers.

Additional Information

English Name Hibiscus flowers (karkaday)
Medicinal Uses Taken internally, it can lower blood pressure (3 cups of tea a day). Applied externally on skin it can help with eczema by improving skin elasticity and creating higher moisture levels. Used as a hair conditioner it can make hair shiny, silky and repair split ends. It can colour your grey hairs. Hibiscus used with henna can darken hair colour to a deeper red.
Properties Contains vitamin C, minerals, anti-oxidants and hydroxy-acids among others. It is a diuretic.
Taste Tart and tangy due to natural plant acids.
Methods of using Tea:
Rinse the loose petals. Then pour boiling water over a tablespoon of hibiscus petals in a mug. Cover and leave to infuse for about 5-10 minutes. Strain the liquid and drink hot or cold. Add honey, sugar or natural sweetener according to individual taste. Or, dab/spray the liquid onto skin to help with eczema.

Hair rinse for conditioning hair and colouring grey hairs (use once a week):
Boil about half a litre (500ml) of water and add about 5 tablespoons dried hibiscus flowers. Let it infuse for about 15 minutes then strain off the liquid. Store the cooled liquid overnight in an airtight jar. Rinse your hair with the liquid but DO NOT RINSE OUT. Leave in your hair and wrap with a shower cap or cling film for about an hour. Then rinse out thoroughly.

Hair dye with henna:
Use the same recipe as above and add the liquid to your henna paste. It will result in deeper reddish tones rather than orangey tones of henna alone.

Note: Hibiscus can stain clothes so use dark/old clothes.

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