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Indigo Powder

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Indigo, Neel; wasma.
Size: 100g

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indigo powder


A powder ground from green leaves. Used to produce a blue dye but when mixed with henna it dyes the hair brown.

Additional Information

English Name Indigo Powder
Scientific Name Indigofera tinctoria
Methods of using To dye hair brown: 50% henna powder and 50% indigo powder. Use gloves. Always do a strand test. Make some henna paste with henna powder and lemon juice/water. (use 100g henna powder for shoulder length hair) Leave overnight to release the dye. Add water to the indigo powder (100g) to form a paste like yoghurt. Add this indigo mixture immediately to the henna mixture and stir well. Apply the mixture to your hair straightaway. If it does not stick to your hair well try adding 4 teaspoons of salt to 200g of mixture next time. Leave on your hair for about 2-4 hours and wrap well with cling film or a shower cap. Wash off thoroughly. It takes about 2 days for the final colour to settle completely. Do not use shampoo as this can interfere with the end result and make the indigo fade quickly. Experiment with the ratios of henna and indigo to reach the desired result. There is another method of using indigo called the 'Two Step Method'. Step One: Apply henna first, leave on for 2-4 hours then wash off. Step Two: Then apply the freshly mixed indigo and leave on for 2-4 hours then wash off without using shampoo.

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