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Myrrh; Murrah
Size: 40g

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myrrh murrah


A browny reddish gum resin extracted from a tree trunk.

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English Name Myrrh
Scientific Name Commiphora molmol syn. C. Myrrha
Medicinal Uses Mouth wash for sore throats, bad breath; antiseptic for cuts and wounds, spots and acne sit in bath water mixed with myrrh and salt after childbirth
Properties Natural Antiseptic, Astringent Anti inflammatory
Fragrance Purifies the air when burnt (place a piece of myrrh on an electric burner or on a piece of hot coal). It will smell a bit like antiseptic.
Methods of using Soak in water (place a tiny piece about 0.5cm in a little bit of water and leave to soak for a couple of hours. You will be able to smell an antiseptic fragrance after a while. This liquid can then be dabbed on cuts, wounds, spots, acne etc. To make a mouthwash use a tiny piece of myrrh and add it to half a cup of water. Leave to soak for 2-3 hours. Gargle and spit out. After giving birth fill the bath with some water and mix salt and myrrh. Leave for an hour or so then sit in it. Burn as incense on coals

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