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Why use henna

Reasons to Use Henna Powder:

  1. Natural and non-toxic dye for men and women, young and old, for hair and beards.
  2. Actually good for your hair and it is a safe alternative to harsh chemical hair dyes.
  3. Makes hair soft, shiny and well conditioned. It strengthens the hair and colours it.
  4. Covers grey hair, it can change the colour of hair and it can give subtle highlights.
  5. Used to decorate the skin.
  6. Has medicinal qualities such as being useful against dandruff, head lice and ringworm.
  7. Has cooling properties which are good for headaches and heat disorders. It has even proved useful in reducing the side effects of certain radiation therapies for some people.
  8. Helps wounds heal.
  9. Provides UV protection.
  10. Has been safely used for centuries and is not new!